Monday, 4 May 2009

Degree life begin

Today is my first day to step into degree level. There are four different major that my college offered: Accounting, Business Admin, Finance and Marketing for the collaboration with University of Hertfordshire, UK. I choose Finance as my major. Well, due to the different major, so we have actually being separated from each other with those foundation friends. So they are few friends are taking Finance, while I think lots of them are taking Marketing.

First class for today, met with quite a number of new students of course those looks familiar one are just like me proceed from Inti foundation program. Again, there is CSC subject, a computing class. This time should be harder already. I saw the coursework paper stated there is a 'simple webpage design', then I thought of my cousin sister who done this job before.(Hey! Jia Wen, anything about it I will find you ya^^) Computing stuff I think I just like to surf internet, learn and do some simple editing job... I heard my lecturer said there are quite a number of note that we need to memorize@_@ lol... hate memorize T_T HELP!!!

Then ENL, english class. There are two english subjects we need to study in degree. One, we are studying now; the second one will be the next after PASSING for the first one. But it is not easy to pass, more effort must be done if really want to get an average mark. Now, I have started to worry about it. ARH!!!

Today I actually have two class only + 4 hours sucks break. lol... Another 3 subjects will be briefly posted soon.

Tired ~.~