Friday, 5 June 2009


Yesterday, we have four hours break from 12-4pm. As we need to pass up our assignment soon, so we had spent that four hours in the library for searching purpose. Well, after having lunch at AsiaCafe and ate an ice-cream at McD, we went to library to start our work. Actually Bee Yee, Fui Teng and me had already been to library on Tuesday looking for Economics assignment's references. But now, we got to leave it beside first, cause English and Computing assignments should be rush first.

Yesterday, we were searching for English assignment's references. Nowadays, those assignments are a bit different with what we did in foundation. Citation around, haizz...
We are doing a compare and contrast assignment for English.
My partner and me-MAS & AirAsia
Sam & Poh Jin-BMW & Mercedes-Benz
Peng and Sze-McD & KFC
Bee and Teng-Carlsberg & Heineken
So, we were helping each other when looking for every type of sources. In between, I think they were hate me as they always saw my info. hehe^^ Sorry and THANKS ya!

Everyone like turn over the whole library, and busy around. Somemore so HOT inside -.-lll lol... Almost 4pm only we left the library and go for the next class.

p/s: "Today is the day I ever read so many newspaper," said Bee. muahaha!!