Monday, 22 June 2009

Now only I have a short while to take a 'breathe'

Finally, the first assignment-ENL was handed in last week. Today, was the due date for the second assignment-CSC (computing). For that ENL assignment, it was the first assignment I managed to finish it early. But, it was a waste to do so. I'VE WASTED MORE THAN 20+ PAPER!!! ALMOST REPRINT 3 TIMES OF IT!!! lol... "Lecturers!!! Can you all please set up the criteria earlier? Trees are limited!" Today, I have reprint my CSC assignment too. Aih... Pictures with colour become black and white. lol... Hope it wont be happened in the next assignment. If not, next time I'll just bring my printer to college already @_@

By right now I have to prepare for the ENL presentation for tomorrow, but so lucky that it has been postponed to next Tuesday. So, I can have a rest tonight. Beside prepare the presentation for next week, there is another assignment(ECO) to be handed in next Thursday too. Aiyoyo!!! Everything just keep on going... Yet, another group CSC assignment and group ENL assignment are on the journey too. ARH!!! Need to do interview, design web page... Which business and who should we interview T_T

These days, I really feel very tired, not enough sleep. But I must be SPIRIT to continue my work!!! This is just the first semester for degree!! Wish my coursemate and friends all the best too!! =D