Monday, 19 May 2008

2nd week of my college life

第二个礼拜也就普普通通咯!like普通上课。but computing又多了一个group assignment. Individual assignment also not yet start but group assignment is coming already. How can we manage to finish it?? aih...don't know what lecturer think pun. While economics for this week I hampir can understand what lecturer has taught, it's chapter 2 already, about demand and supply. So, everyday at night, I may do my own econ notes as revision. English and Maths are just as normal like last week. While Malaysian Studies has one assignment for it which about culture. Now feel like a bit boring already, that's why you can see the picture below which taken by Weng Kit when in Computing class.

Saturday, my house's Astro account has receive the new gold. But actually not as gold as what we seen in the TV la!

At night, I went to pasar malam then only went to citrus park to meet my friends. This time the gathering just 5 of us attend only, they are Yi Zhen, Huei Min, Fui Teng, Wai San and me. I also don't know that upper stair at Wong Kok other gang are celebrate C Wei's birthday. C Wei, you not good lo! want present but din't send me any invitation card as what OYMY said. har!!

After that, C Wei fetch me back. hehe! 1st time sit C Wei's car, quite ok ler! thanks ya!!

Sunday, my younger brother go to play basketball then come back home with 3 friends to do their project. Then my brother, mum and I go to Kinrara's Giant to buy the offer DVD player.

no brand DVD player. cause made in China.

At night, 突然有个不速之客到访我的客厅来。是甲虫啦!not小强。If is,早就被喷死了。哈哈!最后我爸把它放生去大自然了。要记得今天是卫赛节哦!