Monday, 19 May 2008

开学前-last day

Today is really last day for me to 'goyang kaki' at home. I'm still feel very nervous don't know what to do, just think to do some preparation for tomorrow. So, I went to Popular Bookstore to buy some stationery. I think you may feel weird about where my stationery gone after my secondary life. haha! nothing to feel weird. Just most of them have been taken by my brother, like eraser, ball pen, correction tape and etc.. Don't why I went to Popular but just end up with 2 items-a blue ball pen and an eraser. Can't even think what should I buy at the time. After that, the rest of the time I just have my sweet time to take a long nap until evening.

At night after having my dinner, I start to check and prepare again all my things(actually nothing to prepare also). I still remember that time my friend-Fui Teng still remind me to bring sweater when we are online. Before that I just think to bring a file, at last because of the reminder, she makes me to bring a bag along.

I'm still remember that day I go to bed very early, but the weird thing is I sleep well at the night.(a bit 'so po', before orientation night can't sleep well but before college life start can sleep until begitu comfortable.LOL!!)