Sunday, 18 May 2008


还有用zhap-ba-lang language,means malays+english+mandarin+cantonese. 希望大家看得明啦!在此想提醒大家,我的broken english是不可以拿来做参考的哟!

这天是劳动节。还以为没有节目的,哪里懂我妈看到我要开学了,所以那阵子都一直带我这里去那里去买买东西。但是最需要的就偏偏没买到,那就是衣服咯!这天也不例外,我妈看到报纸刊登了有个地方有大减价卖about sport wear的items,then我就跟爸妈一同去了。那个地方是在Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur的对面(sorry,讲来有点废)。去到那多人得不得了,要钻进人群中才行。还很geli的跟一个汗流浃背的uncle擦肩而过。~.~ 看到好多牌子的items,like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Ambros, Reebook等,不是因牌子而去的啦!只是看到有大减价嘛!平时哪里买得起新款又贵的leh?? maybe most of them are 旧货啦!but are real货^_^ 还在想要买sportshoe还是normal平底鞋leh?!看中了一双Adidas的sportshoe和一双Nike的平底鞋。But when I ask for the size of shoes, there is no hope for the Nike already, cause it was just left the small size-4 for it. 再看下其他brand的款式,还是觉得刚看到的那双Adidas sportshoe比较ok, so就ask for the size and take it to pay. It cost RM120 after 40% discount. 其实两双都想要咯!人,永远都是那么的tamak的啦!但是觉得上个礼拜在Mid Valley看到的那双Nike的平底鞋美一点^_^ 那双就price RM199, no discount for it. 如果生日礼物是那双就好XD

I think nothing to show ba! is just a white sport shoe as normal as 3 strips of adidas logo there.^_^

Then, lunch time... grandmother story as what you did everyday...

It was a normal day for today. I've my computer time in the morning while waiting for my 2 brothers coming back from school and UKM. Cause my mum want to bring them to the sells where yesterday I went. But at the end my elder brother refuse to go, so my mum, younger brother and me were going there. 到了那里再三看下,很高兴的是还好昨天有到这里来买那双鞋,不然今天就没有我的份儿了,因为好看的也寥寥无几了,我买的那双也消失了。最后,我弟也没看中哪一双,就这样空手回家了。

At night, it was my gathering time with my gang. We're decided to go Station 1 since everyone has no idea. I was surprise that I can't even believe everyone was present. But one thing hate it is why everytime also late? Especially for those who always late.aih...but forgive you all la! since it was already pass. Usually I may stay until very late, but that day I can't make it cause tomorrow I've to go to my college-INTIsj for the orientation day. So about 10 something I've leave.

Feel like a bit nervous, this night din't sleep well although is just an orientation.

I went to my college to attend the orientation day. Luckily there are 3 friends are having the same course with me and we are study in the same class. I was surprise that there were just a few of my secondary school students study here. Sum up(+ some seniors) I think just 20 something like that only. We were ask to have a sit in the MPH-multi purpose hall in the new block, 2nd floor to listen some speech. What I'm remember is everyone just started the speech with "you all are choosing the right choice to have your study in INTI".LOL!!

After the speech, all of us were separated according to the course, while CBF(Foundation Programme in Business) students, means we are still staying in the MPH, no need to have any movement. After we had received our new timetable, we're follow the INTIMA(don't know how to describe) to have a short college tour. Feel sad with the timetable when I saw it.

About 1pm, the orientation has end.

This was what I had did at the last week of my 'goyang kaki' time.