Sunday, 6 July 2008

7th June 2008

This day was the day that my cousin sister married. So I went to Penang with my family and all relatives to attend her wedding party. On Friday, means the day before, my family and I already went there. We start our journey after my class finish at 12pm. Because my grandfather and 叔公 follow our car, so that time my 2 brothers went there by the Nice bus. They told me the bus quite good in services, like there is a tea or what, I've forgotten, while in the bus, every seat also can charge the notebook eventhough PSP also. Thats why my brother had regret that he dint bring his notebook along at the time. While that day I also charged my camera in the computing class. haha! We still solicitude that we may fall into traffic jam by the time, cause about 5pm the Penang bridge always having traffic jam as thats the time workers balik rumah. But, luckily there was not jam at that day, we reached at 5 something at my uncle's house. We still estimate we may reach about 7 something. wahaha!!

My journey to Penang at the Penang bridge.

Take a small break, I saw my cousin sister came back home. Really long time dint see her since last year CNY. Cause she is staying oversea, America there. Then my another cousin sister(same age with me) and I went to her room helped to do some packing which were for the guest.

All of us were staying in the hotel. The hotel is also quite ok and have a good view since Penang is surrounded by the sea.^_^ We stayed there 3 days 2 night but everyday also went back to the hotel at about 12pm.

-See the Penang bridge??-That shopping complex is Queensbay Mall-All the view also can see the sea-Vistana Hotel-

1st day at my uncle's house, they organized buffet for all relatives and friends who were able to go. So, we had our dinner there and my brother and I also follow another uncle to go to their hotel at Batu Feringgi to check in for their hotel after that. Only their family lived there, while we were lived in Vistana hotel which is not as far as the Batu Feringgi one.

Then the 2nd day was the wedding day already, we prepared in the hotel then go my uncle's house to be my cousin sister's "ji mui". hehe! Feel funny when we played the groom as that time was my 1st time to did that. We stayed there until noon then go back to hotel have a rest then prepared to the wedding party at the grand ballroom in E&O Hotel at night. We were also waiting others relatives who came with bus from Johore to reach the hotel before our journey to E&O Hotel.

My 2 cousin sister and I^_^

-the view of the grand E&O Hotel-my brothers, cousin sister and brothers^_^-my grandfather, father and uncles aunties-

-my cousin sis and her husband-what we got at that night, chopsticks and the box inside was a small cake, taste good:-p

If you are interested to see more picture for the wedding, you can have a look here

After a week when I chatted with my cousin sister(she studied in Intisj before), I really surprised that when she told me she also invited 2 friends who are working in Intisj students affairs office. wow! But I just recognize 1 of them although I dint ever see them in Inti. I think I should find them out 1 day. hehe!