Wednesday, 23 July 2008

an incident

Yesterday, there was an incident happened near my college. I think whoever have written the newspaper today should be know. It was about an Indian who had been 打劫 many 金店 one. This incident was happened at subang jaya SS14 while my college area is at SS15. About 3pm something we had heard that there was some gun sound at somewhere. Then we started to have the story. Some said the person being chase by someone then when he came out from the car he was bang by a car, then other said he was shooted...

After we had go into the class, with the '8' heart, 3 of us, fui teng, bee yee and me went there to have a look on the scene. We went to the pedestrian brigde which join the SS14 and SS15. We saw the scene and the scene of the people look on the scene. haha! so many scene there. We saw 1 postman lagi hebat. He stand up on the motorcycle when driving on the road to look at the scene. wow! We had also taken a picture of the scene as the newspaper shown.
After know the real story of it, I really feel (can say happy) the police had catch and kill the bad guy.