Wednesday, 23 July 2008

test-sss week

This week is the week where every subjects have a test. While I think you will think that why I'm still so free to sit here to update my blog ist?! haha! Tomorrow no test, so I'm updating my blog now since I'm free.

Last friday was the computing test; this monday was the English writing assignment(small test); yesterday was economics test, today was MPW test then this coming friday will be have a maths test.

Computing test paper has been marked, quite satisfy with the marks. erm... eco I dont think there will be a higher mark. I think MPW will be the worst, cause today almost the questions I also dont know how to do although I got study on it. aih... bad. My history always like that. read=waste time T_T while writing assignment I hope there will be half cause the test before already fail on it. I really scare that I'll fail for my English final exam, eventhough our lecturer also not so confident with us. aih... a pass for English also very hard to get it. the 2nd one will be MPW. Although people say it is easy to get a pass, but I'm still scare of it, cause all is history T_T

2 weeks more will be the 15th week, the final exam for the 1st semester.