Sunday, 19 April 2009

3rd semester exam is over

Finally, I've finished the last exam for my foundation. What I expect is to pass all the 4 subject then can smoothly let me progress into degree. Now I have 2 weeks holiday, and result will be announced soon in this 2 weeks holiday.

Well, the first subject was management. I still remember that day we were 5 minutes late to the classroom, I think it was not my fault just because some incident was happened suddenly. I don't know whether I had did well or not. There were 4 out of 6 questions must be done, luckily there were 4 questions I had full idea and points on writing it, but still need to see how my lecturer mark the paper. From the 2 test she marked before, we seems to be not so satisfy with her marking 'skill', don't know how to explain about it. haizz...

Second paper-English. 3 essays+comprehension+grammar in 2 hours!! wow!! We have to arrange our time properly, as to make each part to spend only 30 minutes. So, I start my comprehension at first, then memo+grammar for the other 30 minutes, then 1 hour left for business letter and contrast essay. Yes!! I did it in time. This time was not as tension as last time, so we felt relax while studying. I still remember my friends and I were studying together via Skype before the day of exam ^_^

Statistic... It was held on Friday evening:5-7pm. lol... so "early"!! So actually I was doing nothing on Thursday, Friday only studied for it. For me, this subject is the most easiest compare to the other 3 subjects. I was quite relax while studied it. But my friend make me felt so tension as he very nervous with it.

Last~Cost Accounting. Feel so tired after having statistic exam, almost 8pm something only back to my house. After dinner, bath... it was already 10pm something. So, study? Yup!! sure. Although pass already. So, I quickly studied those counting work, theory? I almost give up, just studied the advantages and disadvantages of LIFO, FIFO and AVG method. Luckily, it came out in the exam. For section A, we had to do 3 out of 5 questions. I had done all, because there were quite some time for me to finish it. But it seems like not a good job, cause my lecturer won't choose for the highest mark but the first 3 questions. ARH!!! I have more confident on the last 2 questions than the first 2 questions. DAMN it!!! now it means that, originally I can get an A- but now maybe down gred to B- already...