Monday, 22 December 2008

Last day of 2nd semester+Bye Miss..

aiya.. long time didn't update my blog.. get blaming jor^_^ Sorry sorry.. I'll update now. hehe!! Lazy mah and some more busy. Well, thanks for you all to visit my blog also^_^ So I'll update randomly from the past until now. hehe!!

~05 December 2008~
This was the last day for my 2nd semester, it was happened two week ago. Well, this was also the last day for my English lecturer to teach us, cause after this she is going to move to Australia. I think it is also for her son's further study. I felt so happy to be taught by her for the last two semester, but feel quite sad as next semester she will not teaching us anymore T_T Before that, I still hope that she will teach us for three semester, but now... So, just got to accept it as a fate.

Precisely, we had English class on the last day of our semester, so our lecturer-Miss Stephanie just make it as a farewell party for us and also for her. At that day, we had ready a big card and flower(can be kept one).
still remember that day was having a serious traffic jam when I went to college with Bee Yee.. seeee...cant even move..

so no choice, we got to go by another road, where need to pay for two looks better for this road..

When we reached, we just silently get into other class to sign the big big card and wait for our class. She just explain briefly what should we do in our exam, this and that and thats all for our class for that day and also for the semester.

The time after that was our party time . Those guys were getting out to carry those huge packet of KFC and also ready for the present. Then others just hanging here and there, some more play cards in the class(include me^_^)
hanging in class's people were taking photo...

hanging around...

hanging around...

"cards members"

KFC...for everyone who was present at that by ourselves lol...

that is our lecturer... we were present her a BIG BIG card + a flower + a bunch of real flowers

our memory with miss...

everyone was busy with their KFC..

After meal, we just stay in the class to pass the time... By the time, Miss had gave a speech. I still remember what she said was although our class is a bit weaker than other class(I mean English), but our class is still better than the other class as our good personality and behaviour.^_^

Good Luck to Miss Stephanie... and also all my classmate...Bye Miss!! We'll miss you!!!