Sunday, 28 December 2008

what a hot day !!!-o-iii

Walao!! What a hot day for today ar?? Sweating the whole day la !!!-.-iii Really damn hot, hot and hot!! Almost beh tahan.

Today, my elder brother was preparing to go back to his Uni already. So this morning I think he woke up quite early to make his last packing. Cause 10am something only I woke up, so not sure. hehe!!^_^ Well, about 11am, my family and I were going out to have lunch at Jalan Chan Sow Lin. We had ordered 2 dishes+2 fishes for the lunch. lol... 5 people ate 2 fishes. Our appetite really terkejut people lo...haha!! Then, after my brother pack all the things in the car, he started his journey back to his Uni already. He almost fully pack the whole car! with only he himself punya barang. Then my mum ask then how about those outstations' students going to pack to Uni leh?? haha! Cause my brother can drive mah! so every thing just bring from house, for those outstations' students they normally will buy or they already leave their things there before.

After that, was my younger brother turn to arrange his table already. Holiday is just one week left, now only he wanted to arrange. aih... But better than didn't arrange or I arrange for him la! hehe!! Well, I just hanging around to wait for cleaning up the house in the evening. So, actually I'm saving energy.^_^ But due to the HOT weather, I sat under the fan also sweating around... aiyo!!

About 5pm, OK! Cleaning activity start!! Actually my younger brother and I are doing housework weekly, but today's work need more time to finish it, cause my dad and I were cleaning up the spider web at every corner of the ceiling and also the dust on the wall. This job normally do 1 or 2 time each year. So we did it today as if done a 大扫除 before CNY. hehe^_^ The following week just sweep and mop the floor enough. After 2 hours... All jobs had been done!! Good! yeah^_^

Everyone is so tired... take bath-->dinner-->relax. while I'm blogging here^_^
Luckily now is drizzling, cooler than noon... can save electricity not to switch on air-cond already... haha!! Tomorrow my dad is not working, don't know will go anywhere jalan jalan or not leh??!